It’s Snowing. Time for French Toast!

EGGS, MILK, BREAD! Eggs, Milk, Bread! eggs, milk, bread… cinnamon?

When bad weather is looming, people run to the grocery store to stock up. What I don’t quite understand is the grocery list. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids and it’s just me, the hubby, and the dog, but why do people always buy eggs, milk, and bread? I don’t get it. Are you going to die suddenly if you don’t have bread? Are eggs, milk, and bread all that sustains us? Is it the right mix for replenishing your soul after a hard day of making snow angels? Why not some steak? Pasta? Soup?

How much French Toast are you people making?! And shouldn’t you put cinnamon on  your list?


One Response to “It’s Snowing. Time for French Toast!”

  1. nat @book, line, and sinker Says:

    hahahahah! we were hammered with a blizzard this weekend and while picking up an RX at walgreens on friday, another customer on the line told us that the grocery store was SOLD OUT of bread and milk. what is up with that? is there nothing else to eat but toast and milk?

    i put up a big pot of chili and called it a day. 20+ inches here–fun!!!

    missed you too.
    Curly Wurly Gurly (a tad too lazy to change my sign-in above) lol.

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