Who Sold Me?

I have multiple email addresses, and I use one specifically for signing up for stuff on the web. I’ve had this email address for about 10 years. Like everyone else, I get spam, but it usually goes to the junk folder automatically. But I also get mailings that I signed up for and are not super-important. You know what I mean: notifications of sales, newsletters, special deals, etc. In fact, it’s pretty rare that I ever see junk mail in my inbox… until now. All of a sudden, I’m getting so much garbage in the inbox. It’s insane.

And I’m convinced that it is all because of the W-mart. In December I had signed up for their .com to gain greater access to photo processing services. Since then, spam, spam, spam! I think they sold me to the lowest bidder. Dang them!

Has anyone sold you? Who was it? I want to know who to avoid.


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