I’m on a Boat?

The hubby and I were talking vacations the other day. We’re thinking about taking a cruise and neither one of us has ever been on one. We both have concerns and did some research online. We’ve learned that there is an embarkation port a short distance from my parents’ house, which wouldn’t require us to fly somewhere first. So that is a plus.

We’ve also made some other discoveries. Join us in our disjointed conversation.

that girl: Someone said that the cruise ship is just like a floating hotel and not that exciting. And that it might be better just to fly somewhere.
the hubby: I’m worried about these fancy dining rooms.
that girl: What if it’s like Titanic?
the hubby: They are talking about wearing a dark jacket or renting a suit.
that girl: And what if I get seasick?… A suit? Who wants to pack a suit?… We would have to get an interior room but they seem pretty tiny.
the hubby: What the h*ll? Can’t I just eat dinner?
that girl: I’m not sure about this Bermuda thing.
the hubby: Because of the Triangle?
that girl: What if a whale flips the boat over?

Annnnd scene.

OK, lovely readers, help us out. We know we are a little crazy (OK, maybe mostly me) and our concerns are ridiculous. (Or are they?!) Have you been on a cruise? Where did you go? What was it like? Any advice on what to avoid?


3 Responses to “I’m on a Boat?”

  1. thelocalguide Says:

    Nope, never been in a cruise

  2. kristen Says:

    been on two. however, i was 16 & 18 and that was a LONG time ago. i did have a great time though and didn’t get sick. i think you’ll find so much to do that you won’t have time to find things you don’t like. and if you go “free-style” cruising, i think those are a little more laid back so Mr. StandingBy may not have to wear a suit!

    • Annie Says:

      OMG. Go on the cruise. GO. Especially if you are talking about going to Bermuda. I’ve been on 2 so far, and we are taking our belated honeymoon in May and cruising Italy, Greece and Turkey. I. Can’t. Wait.

      You might want to email me – I can be long winded. I’m happy to share my previous experiences, and my plans that are upcoming. I absolutely love cruises, and I highly, highly, highly recommend.

      Now I have “I’m on a boat” in my head. Thanks. 🙂

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