Identifying the Goofball

I can relate to what is happening over at the Peabrain Peacock Network. I’ve seen upheaval in the workplace. I’ve seen perfectly competent people get Conaned canned. I’ve seen people get screwed over. I’ve seen change that makes no sense. I just haven’t witnessed it to the degree of public scrutiny that is happening at NBC. I mean, this is stuff is going to end up in textbooks!

At the root of the problem is… the goofball. In this case, the NBC Jeffs that are in charge (Zucker and Gaspin) are prime examples of television executive goofballs. And let me tell ya, I’ve worked with plenty of TV goofballs in my time. I could, in fact, be an expert in working with TV goofballs. I could probably write a chapter in one of those aforementioned textbooks! The thing with the goofballs is that most of them are not intentional a$$holes. They just come off that way. In reality, they are inept. Big time. They lack the competence to make sound decisions, and they f*ck everything up. (Did I just say that? Yeah, I’m irritated.) The worst of the goofballs are the ones who don’t have patience and make snap decisions.

I feel it is my duty as a public service to all of the world to release my notes on how to identify a TV goofball. And please, feel free to add your own symptoms of Goofballishness. I’m sure goofballs are not limited to television work…. Together, we can make a difference.

  • make changes in all the wrong places
  • think people are expendable.
  • can’t get past the bottom line.
  • step all over you.
  • think there is only one answer and it is theirs.
  • never admit their mistakes.
  • do not know how to recover from failure.
  • freak out when they feel pressure.
  • fail to recognize when they are the problem.

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