Late ToNight Show with… Me!


You know I couldn’t stay away from blogging about the debacle of late night television. It’s in my blood. I love TV…. I have to warn you that this post is going to be all over the place.

As you can see from my lovely visual, I have taken sides. But it may not be for the reasons you think. Am I a Conan fan? Am I a Leno basher? Here’s the thing, I am neither. While I’ve always had loyalties toward NBC that started with the Brandon Tartikoff days, I don’t claim to watch the Tonight Show on a regular basis. I’m usually going to bed at that time. If I do stay up for late night TV, it’s for the guest, not the host. Also I don’t watch The Jay Leno Show at 10pm because I’ve already invested my time in other shows at that time and when I see him, I feel like it’s later than it actually is.

That being said, why the visual? What am I? I’ll tell ya. I am a fan of is being honorable. I am a fan of what is fair. I am a supporter of commitment. I support giving time for change. I believe in principle. I believe in the greater good.

What NBC is doing to Conan O’Brien and his staff is not honorable. It is not fair. In fact, I think it’s pathetic and embarrassing. Yes, yes, yes. I know how TV works. I know that it’s a business, but good gracious. Where is NBC’s commitment? No offense, but it’s like the network has ADD. It needs to give Conan O’Brien and his crew a little more time. This is not a high school romance. NBC needs to calm down! If the executives truly believed in the new guy, they would honor their relationship and work on it, not run away into the arms of their big-chinned, sooo mature, college freshman ex-boyfriend. Just because your friends tell you he’s cooler, doesn’t mean he really is… OK, end of weird analogy.

To be continued…


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