Late ToNight Show with… Irony!

I’ve never claimed to be the best at identifying irony and Alanis Morisette’s inaccurate definition has caused me confusion for years, but this has to be an example.

Did you know that back in 1992 when Jay Leno’s hosting duties on the Tonight Show were in their infancy, NBC threatened to pull the plug on him and replace him with David Letterman? Strange but true. It included a wack-a-doodle timeslot swap as well. Take a look at this archived article from the New York Times. It’s a great read. For extra-added fun, be sure to sub all the “Mr. Leno” references to “Mr. O’Brien” and “Mr. Letterman” to “Mr. Leno” and you’ll have an article that could be re-posted today.

(Thanks to the Tuned In blog and Bill Simmons for the link.)

To be continued…


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