Decade in Review

Thanks to Annie for this one. I’m going to try to remember the significant personal happenings of each year of the decade.

2000: We got married, bought my first new car, both of us changed jobs, and we may have “bought” the house late that year. We can’t seem to remember if it was the end of that year or the beginning of the next.

2001: We moved in to aforementioned house on Super Bowl Sunday.

2002: I visited the Philippines and met my maternal grandfather for the first time. I also met many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles on both sides of the family…. We also traveled to San Francisco.

2003: We traveled to Europe for the first time to visit my sister and her husband who were living in Spain and my aunt and her family living in Paris…. My first niece was born…. We also traveled to Arizona.

2004: I began teaching as an adjunct while keeping my day job…. I witnessed John Mayer in concert for the first time. That show was the start of my quest for great concerts…. A photo I took was published in a photography book…. We traveled to New Orleans.

2005: I started playing in a steel drum band…. I traveled to Hawaii…. My second niece was born.

2006: We went to San Diego for a big family reunion with my dad’s side of the family…. I left the world of TV and began teaching full time.

2007: We had a devastating mass shooting at our school. (I’d rather not go into detail on that one.)… I traveled to LSU for my first big away football game.

2008: I started teaching a new course and got back into TV work, sort of…. I tried to learn how to swim, then tried water aerobics…. I traveled to Nebraska for my second big away game and met the nicest college football fans on the planet.

2009: The doggie turned a spritely 10 years young…. Along with a couple of our friends, the hubby and I went to Italy and Switzerland, then I taught abroad for a couple of weeks. I also went to London…. My third niece was born.

Wow! That was tough to remember everything. If you can remember them, share some of your moments with me. 🙂 Have a great 2010!

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2 Responses to “Decade in Review”

  1. kristen Says:

    that was great!! may have to send something similar in an email to some family members.

  2. Annie Says:

    How funny that we both left TV and started teaching full time the same year! Great minds think alike!

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