Skool’s Out!

Hello lovely readers. It’s been a while… nearly 20 days. Sorry about that.

I have been crazy trying to wrap up the end of the semester. I don’t know what it is about this semester, but I haven’t been on the ball when it comes to getting work done. Anyway, the semester is over though not without some drama.

Get this. So we moved to Alaska (more in the next post) and I think that caused a problem with our Interwebz! Right as I was about to enter final grades, I couldn’t get online. Umm. What? There’s a foot and half of snow outside, I can’t drive anywhere, and I have a midnight deadline. Seriously. It was 8:30PM at the time and I rung the Queen of Pith for assistance. Thankfully, she was home and not trapped somewhere. So I donned my ski bibs and snow boots then packed up my backpack with the laptop and headed out to walk to her house a couple of streets away.

The walk was rather uneventful and I managed to make it to her house without falling in the snow. Once I got to work, I entered my grades, but was tormented by paranoia. You see, my secret weapon at final grade entry is the hubby. He usually double checks me. This time, he was at work and I was so afraid that I would later discover at home sans Interwebz that I did some math incorrectly or something. Regardless, I put the paranoia behind me, finished up, and walked back home. aaaahhh.

The next morning, I received a call on my cell phone. The number was unfamiliar but I answered it. The conversation went something like this:

Caller: Hi, it’s Mary Lynn. (Name changed to protect the innocent.)
that girl: (surprised) Oh, hi. How are you?
ML: I’m glad I got a hold of you.
that girl: What’s going on?
ML: Well, you haven’t entered your grades for one of your classes.
that girl: Huh? No… What do you mean? That can’t be right… After I got your email, I lost internet access and walked to my friends’ house to get them entered on time.
ML: Oh. I can’t see them.
that girl: Something is wrong.
ML: I thought it was kind of unusual for you, so I found the emergency phone number list and tracked you down. I hope that is OK. Are you busy?
that girl: Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you called me. This is bad…. No, I’m not busy.
ML: OK, well, luckily the deadline was extended. Do you have your grades handy? Maybe I can enter them for you.
that girl: Oh, yes. Yes, I have them… Oh, good news! It looks like my web access is back. I can enter them myself… Oh gosh. That was bad.
ML: Email me when you’re done so that I know you are set.

Wow, can you believe that? Major, major drama. I’ve never missed a grade deadline before and apparently missing grades can affect a student’s ability to get financial aid! I must not have hit the submit button while I was at my friends’ house. Ack. I was paranoid for a reason. I’m so glad I didn’t screw that up too badly.

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