The debate is on.

I’m convinced that a spoon is the most under utilized utensil. I also say that those of a certain descent are more skilled at eating with a spoon. I further say that those same people of a certain heritage are more efficient with their utensils since they can also work a spoon and fork together. And I can say that because I am one of those people. (Try it for a week. It will change your life. Spoon in the right hand, fork in the left, push, scoop, and eat.) Might I add that I saw a gal at the quickie Japanese restaurant eating her rice with a spoon and wished I had thought to do the same.

So, the debate. The lovely Queen has asked her readers to come up with a food that cannot be eaten with a spoon. Please read the back story (I am noted as F2 on her blog) and join our discussion. Ask your co-workers. Ask your friends. Ask your family. What can you not eat with a spoon? Add your findings and opinions below. If you leave it blank, I will assume that you agree with me. šŸ˜€

By the way, if you say spaghetti, you already lose. All you have to do is cut it with the edge of the spoon and you’re set. If you say salad, again, you lose. Cut it, scoop it, done.

3 Responses to “Spooning”

  1. Queen of Pith « Fork You! The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown! Says:

    […] Is it true? Can ANYTHING be eaten with a spoon? F2 has claimed it so! Here is the back story. Here is her […]

  2. Lisa Says:

    OK. Are we talking just spoon or spoon and knife?

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