Saturday Morning Survival Tips

Scenario: A tree branch falls on top of you and it’s too heavy to move. What do you do?

that girl: I would try to move the branch.
the hubby: But you can’t. It’s too heavy. You should probably cut your leg off.
that girl: Why would I cut my leg off?! That’s ridiculous. How could I even do that?
the hubby: But you have a pocket knife.
that girl: I have a pocket knife? If I have a pocket knife, why would I choose my leg to cut? I would pick the tree.
the hubby: That would take forever to cut!
that girl: Seriously? How ridiculous. Why would I sever my leg? How could I even do that? I could cut one of those majority arteries and bleed to death. Then what good would I be then? It would make more sense to try to cut the tree.
the hubby: But it’s a tree trunk.
that girl: I thought it was a tree branch?
the hubby: No, it’s a trunk.
that girl: How would a tree trunk fall on me? That doesn’t make any sense. I’m sticking with a tree branch. And, I’m not going to cut my leg off. I would cut the tree.

This what we talk about. I’m going to give this a 7 on the weirdness scale.


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