Simple Man

I don’t want to discuss the “holidays” just yet but I feel the need to, given what I heard moments ago.

First, a preface.

The hubby and I don’t really make much of a fuss when it comes to gift-giving. I rarely need or want anything. He always asks me what I want and it’s hard for me to come up with anything. The same is true for him. He rarely makes any kind of request. For some reason tonight, though, the hubby felt the need to provide me with a gift idea. As most of our weird conversations go, this one came out of no where.

the hubby: You can always get me that Hickory Farms stuff.
that girl: What do you mean?… Get that for you… for Christmas?
the hubby: Yeah. You know I like that stuff.
that girl: So get you a beef log thing?
the hubby: No, I like the cheese and crackers.
that girl: Let me make sure I understand. You want me to buy you cheese and crackers for Christmas?
the hubby: Yeah…. You know, I’m just a simple man.

Cue Skynyrd!


One Response to “Simple Man”

  1. Thomas Wayne Says:

    Is that weird? I once requested (and got) cheese and crackers for my birthday. 🙂 It was the Easy Cheese in the can that you squirt out as you deem appropriate, and Ritz Crackers. I thought it was a good gift. 🙂 Add some various meats to it, and it would be great.

    If you haven’t noticed, most guys really like food. Now that I’m an “adult”, I don’t mind getting clothes so much (because it saves me from having to go shopping for clothes), but it’s still a little disappointing. The “toys” (cool electronics) I want are too expensive. So food is a good gift.

    One year I gave my brother a box of Ding Dongs (snacks), and he enjoyed it. (Of course there were other gifts, too.)

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