What costume?

P1030488b The hubby and I have never been particularly fond of Halloween. As I kid I never had a costume that I really enjoyed and the same goes for him. But these past couple of years, we’ve moved closer to embracing the festivities and starting dressing up.

Two years ago, I was a poor representation of a Harijuku. Last year, I dressed like my Rock Band character and came up with the costume just 5 minutes before switching the porch light on. No one understood it but me, the hubby, and two of our fellow band mates. This year, I decided to dress as a girl from the ’60s.

The hubby is a bit more conservative. He’s only willing to wear a weird wig. Last year’s wig was a little black Afro. This year, he went with a big blond Afro. Stylish, huh? That’s it. That’s all he did….

Just kidding! He doesn’t actually dress like what you see in the picture on a regular basis, but he tried to play it off to some of the kids. And it was funny. I mean, can you see his shirt?? It’s Poseidon on a pegasus!! I kid you not. I bought that shirt the day of Halloween at a non-thrift store. It’s laughable! Same goes for the shorts, though we kind of like them. They are just really, really long. Like man-pris. The socks are a nice touch, right? He looked like a total weirdo.

So some of the older kids asked him what he was supposed to be. And he would just say, “What do you mean?” with a straight face. Confused, the kids would then ask what his costume was. And he would say, “What costume?” He found great joy in saying this to one girl because she believed him, and then he had to turn away to laugh. He later admitted to her that he was just joking. She replied, “I was going to say!”

Some of the parents were unsure of him, too. He said that one of the moms gave him the evil eye. haha.

Come on, people. It’s Halloween. 🙂


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