Squeaky Wheels

Rarely am I the squeaky wheel. I let things go. I don’t complain too much. The only exception to this is when it comes to consumer injustices. I will write letters of complaint. I will speak to managers. I will make you feel bad for ever crossing my path.

I don’t raise a fuss randomly. I’m actually quite logical with whatever my complaint it. I’m not one of those kooks who complains just because they want their way or they are scamming a business. I’m legit. Really.

About a year ago, I had an issue with my camera. I thought I figured out how to fix the camera on my own, only to find that the fix was just a band-aid. I contacted the Canon people to see if they could fix it. It turned out that they could… for a fee. Or I could opt to buy a different model that had been refurbished. Nothing else was offered to me and I was not willing to do either option, so I just dropped the idea.

Flash forward to earlier this month. I happened to visit the Canon website where another customer happened to post that she had the same issue I had and Canon offered her free shipping and offered to fix the camera for free. Wha?

Do you hear that in the distance? It’s a squeaky wheel.

Yes, I raised fuss. I contacted them. I presented them with the evidence. I questioned them about fair treatment. The result? This squeaky wheel got the grease. I was offered free shipping and they fixed the camera for free. Why does the world work this way? ack. Why do we have to complain to be treated fairly?


3 Responses to “Squeaky Wheels”

  1. Megan Says:

    I’m right there with you… after working retail through college, I realized that if you holler loud enough and generate a tremendous scene, you’re far more likely to get whatever you want.

    Now, you were totally in the right with your camera — so glad they took care of it (as well they should have)! But many of these whiny jerks who came into the bookstore where I worked were just looking for another way to cheat the system… and they usually succeeded. Ah, corporate-owned craziness!

  2. Anmol Mishra Says:

    Would you mind posting an email or a scan of the invoice that shows the free repair ? This will prevent Canon from pushing around people in the future. Thanks!

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