Your Shore Good at Spelling

Ack. I can’t take it any more. I’m in the midst of grading a bunch of assignments and I’m about to crack.

My students had an assignment to take pictures and write detailed captions to accompany them. They had to turn in 5 images. Seems pretty simple right? So why am I getting so frustrated? My students don’t take the time to double check their work AND they don’t know how to spell. I didn’t mention to them that the program they were using to crop and caption their photos has spell check.

On the one hand, I’m getting really tired of writing up comments saying “____ is misspelled.” On the other hand, they also make grammatical mistakes, capitalization errors, punctuation omissions, and careless mistakes that a spell checker would never catch. On the other hand (if I had another hand), it’s really telling.

OK, I’m being nice. It’s more than just telling. It’s effing pathetic. PATHETIC. This isn’t tricky stuff. A lot of these mistakes are careless typos that are a result of their not taking the time to proofread, so I’m not even going to defend my students. They don’t deserve it. Instead, I am going to vent to you, readers. And we are going to laugh together at the learned-it-in-elementary-school mistakes… and then cry after we realize that these kids are our future. Here are some of the offenses:

  • raspberrys I blame this one on the Blackberry brand.
  • Not capitalizing the name of the town they live in. I’m hoping this is text messaging’s fault and the students’ lack of attention to detail. Yes, students. As in, more than one student did this.
  • Not capitalizing a street name. Really? It’s a proper name!
  • 8 errors within 5 sentences, 4 of which were in the same caption! I’m not kidding. I would like to smack this student in the head. Way to go, superstar. What an embarrassment.
  • “It’s” when it should be “its” You’d think when this is explained in elementary school that people would remember the correct usage since it’s so unusual but no.

Since I’m not done grading, I have a feeling this list will continue to grow. Yay.


2 Responses to “Your Shore Good at Spelling”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I had a tape given to me after a shoot at this same college. They labeled it “Town Counsil.” No joke.

  2. kristen Says:

    i’m embarrassed to admit this, but it took me about 5 min to figure out “how” raspberrys was mis-spelled. and i don’t even own a blackberry!!

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