Chicken Pause

I thought of you today, lovely readers. I was at the grocery store this afternoon and stopped by the chicken case. I was about to get some (over priced) chicken breasts when something caught my eye… in a bad way. Chicken feet. Only, they were labeled “Chicken Paws.”

It was so strangely intriguing that I wanted to take a picture with my phone but did not want to offend anyone who wanted to buy them. (In my childhood, I ate some weird stuff. I’m not sure if it was due to our income or our culture, but I know what it’s like to be made fun of because you’re a little different.) In some areas of the world, they are considered a delicacy. I myself do know know the first thing about them or how to prepare them, though I did happen to see an episode of The Next Iron Chef in which this item was part of a cooking challenge. Regardless, I walked away.

I moved on to the dairy case. And then I stopped and looked back at the chicken area. I felt so compelled to show you what I saw, not because they were chicken feet but because they were labeled Chicken Paws. I mean, since when did chickens have paws?!

I headed back to the chicken case. Could I snap a picture without anyone knowing? I quickly came up with a plan. I pretended that I was trying to make a call on my cell phone, putting the phone low as if I had a vision problem. I quickly snapped a picture, saved it, and then put the phone up to my ear. I pretended to look at the other chicken products, which incidentally led me to realize the chicken was on sale! And the I hung up the phone as if I could not reach whomever I was calling to consult about the chicken.

Below is the prized shot. Unfortunately, my camera is not that great so you probably can’t read the Paws part on the label. Oh well.


So, I’m wondering. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in the grocery store? Would you dare take a picture of it for me? Would you/have you tried any kind of “delicacies?” Do share.


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