Talk Nerdy to Me

I wish you were at my house right now. There’s a whole lot of nerdy going on. Moments ago, the hubby and I were watching some TV shows we had recorded from the other night. Next thing I know, there’s a DVD playing something from the ’90s. The show? Hubby’s super-star appearance serving as the captain of his high school team on the Scholars’ Bowl. It is freakin’ hilarious! Not only is the content amusing, it’s funny to watch hubby as he watches the video.

The moderator asks the following question: In math, what is the number being divided is called?

Did you get it?

Hubby did… both now and way back then. It’s the “dividend.” He’s so dang smart!

Now he’s laughing on the show… and in person watching himself. “He said, ‘Massachusetts’ and the answer is bi-cameral.” hee hee.

He is now cursing the name of Josh, a member of the opposing team who keeps buzzing in before the moderator finishes asking the question. “That Josh. He’s sharp!”

Good times. The end result, by the way, was a loss. 320-140. It was a valiant effort.

Did any of you or the significant others ever do this stuff in high school? Whenever hubby mentions this, it makes me giggle, so to see it on TV makes me laugh even harder.


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