Pardon the Interruption

Poor Kanye. Yes, I did say that. His lack of self control has put himself in a terrible position. A brief moment caused by a drunken stupor or maybe the highest of highs gross misjudgment and extremely rude behavior at the VMAs has made him the punchline of every joke, some of which distastefully involve the death of Patrick Swayze. That must be tough to deal with. And while feel like we should just move on from the incident and I am partially sympathetic to Kayne’s current status within our culture (I mean, did you see him on Leno? I felt bad for him. Even before his mother passed away, it was pretty clear that he really needed some help. He’s so misguided) I still could not resist trying this.

So sue me and my hypocritical ways! But stuff like this is worth sharing.

Oh no he didn't!

Oh no he didn't!

I didn’t actually make this graphic myself because you know if I did, it would be way nicer looking. Anyway! You can basically do this with any website you want. All you have to do is go to or type website) and it will create it for you in two seconds. I decided it would be most fitting with Taylor Swift’s site.

By the way, Kanye heard that I tried this and put in his two cents.

There he is again. Just stop talking, Kayne.

There he is again. Just stop talking, Kanye.


One Response to “Pardon the Interruption”

  1. Annie Says:

    I showed that website link to my boy, and he howled with laughter over it.

    I’m not sure I can buy into the ‘poor Kanye’ argument though.

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