Sixth Sense

During the early stages of the semester, I have an assignment for my students that has to do with history. After we discuss several important inventions and technologies from the past, they write a 1-page paper about what “thing” they think will be in the history books in the future. So the idea here is to think deeply about an idea, object, technology, innovation, etc. that will have a lasting impact on the world, particularly in the area of communication. In other words, in the big scheme of things, don’t tell me about the latest fad or flash in the pan. Tell me about something the Jetsons would use. 🙂

Frequently their work focuses on tangible objects such as iPhones and computers. They also tend to choose the Internet and Facebook. As you can imagine, they tend to choose “things” that they can really relate to and don’t always think as deeply as I’d like for them to. But every once in a while, there is that diamond. The one that makes you say, “Wow!” because you, as the instructor, have learned something new from the student.

As I was reading over their work today, I found that diamond. It is in fact so shiny, that I wanted to share what my student shared with me with you. It’s eye-opening. Take a look at something called Sixth Sense. The video is a little long but so very worth watching.

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