I’ve Got Dreams, Dreams to Remember

One day my friend and I were discussing dreams. Not life goals but the kind of dreaming you do when you’re asleep. I was shocked to learn that she rarely, if ever, had a dream. Wha? Even my dog dreams! And if she did have a dream, she never seemed to remember it. (I personally think she has an apnea issue that she needs to get checked… but anyway.) She has no idea if her dreams are in color! In fact, she thinks they might be in black and white. I found this so fascinating. Probably because I’m the exact opposite. I have dreams and lots of them. They are always in color. Sometimes they are really weird and are the result of eating something right before bed a la that one Cosby Show episode with the big Muppets. Other times they are stress-related. Most often, they are related to something I saw or experienced earlier in the day.

My friend and I both find it rather amusing how my dreams are so easily influenced by what I see during the day. (This is why I avoid movie trailers for anything scary.) When I visit her for a weekend, she likes to plant ideas in my head to see if I dream about them. She has also been known to give me a snack close to bedtime. Sadly, our experiments have not worked yet. While I do have a dream, it’s not anything special or funny. Disappointing, I know.

Regardless, you’ve read this far, so I’m about to share with you my list of dreams. Don’t try to analyze me.

  • Most Recurring Theme Dreams: My teeth feeling loose and falling out. This apparently means I feel like something in my life is out of control.
  • Most Nightmarish Recurring Dream: I’m working in TV, directing a live newscast and nothing works. The switcher (for non-TV people: the thing with all the buttons that controls what goes on the air live) doesn’t react when any button is pushed.
  • Most Recurring Character: My favorite musician. It’s pretty common that I’m at one of his concerts. One time he played in a high school cafeteria!
  • Geekiest Dream: I used to play Tetris a lot and I would play the game in my sleep.
  • Sh*ttiest Dream: I catch the dog getting ready to poop in the house. I think I actually scream his name while I’m sleeping. haha!
  • Most Non-sensical Dream: Playing soccer with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Deep insight into my psyche, right? What about you? Do you dream in color? What do you dream about (keep it clean… or not)? Do you have recurring dreams? I’m curious. Tell me! I’ll probably dream about it, too. šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “I’ve Got Dreams, Dreams to Remember”

  1. The Cool Side of the Pillow « please, stop bouncing Says:

    […] funny websites I have nothing to do with | Tags: dreaming, dreams, sleeping, yoink (Once again, That Girl provides blogger fodder.) Good […]

  2. Myrna Says:

    I always have that loose teeth dream, too. *shudder* It seems to me that dreams are mostly a collection of random things from the day. Although mine are usually in color, a few have been in black and white. Brains are funny things.

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