The Greatest Name EVER

I’m so amused right now. It’s like I’m an adolescent boy getting ready to tell a fart joke… or an adult male watching a Seth Rogen movie. (I want to see Funny People.)

There’s a new drug out there that makes me LMAO. It’s called Aciphex. I heard the name for the first time the other day. If you haven’t heard it, it’s pronounced “A$$ Effects.” I kid you not. “A$$ Effects.” Did they not conduct a focus group before launching this zinger of a name for acid reflux treatment? I swear I was laughing so hard by the time the commercial was done that I was getting teary-eyed. I can’t help it. I’m immature. My mind could not stop coming up with punchlines for this drug!

“I’m not sure if I should eat that bowl of chili. I might have Aciphex.”

“What are your Aciphex when you have Mexican food?”

“My big Aciphex my ability to buy a decent pair of jeans.”

Please, if you have a punchline to share, I would sooo love it! Leave a comment. Here’s your inspiration:


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