Basket Case

The big mystery: how to make my living and work environments look less cluttered.

The thing is, things are organized, things are in neat stacks, and things are in the right place. The problem is, those “right” places are in plain sight, making it look more messy… at least to me. We only have one closet on the main floor of the house and not much more can be put in there. I’ve tried those plastic drawer bins but I’ve never been entirely satisfied. I guess it’s because they’re, well, plastic. I’ve also tried decorative boxes but that didn’t cut it either. They don’t look like they belong out in the open.

I didn’t solve the clutter mystery until this weekend when we visited the hubby’s relatives. I noticed that they had baskets in multiple locations but no in a way that was “basket crazy.” There were baskets in bookshelves, a little basket in the bathroom, and a decorative basket in the bedroom. It all looked very nice and neat. Then we went to IKEA and I saw baskets there, too. AH-HA! Baskets! Could it be that simple?

Turns out, yes, it is that simple. Who knew? Rectangular baskets are the way to go, friends. They look good and if you get the right kind they look like they belong with whatever your decor is. And if you’re lucky, like I was today, you can find ones with lids. By the way, Michael’s is having a 50% off sale on baskets. I bought 4 of them today for about $36.

So is this basket solution something that everyone and their mother knows about and I’m just lame? Fill me in.

One Response to “Basket Case”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    Baskets have a time and place.
    I have two in my bathroom closet (one for hair stuff, one for lotions) and use one for when we have guests… a hospitality basket.

    However, sometimes it seems that those baskets take up more room than then contents of said basket or the basket becomes a dumping ground.
    Should the latter happen, seek cover as the mess will multiply.

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