The Colony

This evening, we stumbled upon this new show on Discovery called The Colony. Here’s the synopsis taken from their Facebook page:

Ten volunteers enter an experimental post-apocalyptic world to see if they can survive and rebuild after a global disaster. Cordoned off in a downtown Los Angeles warehouse, they must secure shelter, filter water, and defend their new home from thieves.

I have to say that was quite impressed by the knowhow of the people participating in this experiment. They figured out how to make a toilet flush without functioning plumbing, how to filter water using sand and charcoal, and how to generate electricity.

Now I ask you, would you know how to do this stuff? I’m not sure that I can function for a long period of time without electricity, let alone know how to generate it. It makes me wonder what my contribution to this world would be if I did not have electricity. I can follow directions pretty well… so I guess if there were a bookshelf that needed construction, I could do that. Or if some files needed organizing, I could do that, too. :)… wow. I’m not useful. haha.

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