Rejection and Retaliation

Imagine the following: A man and woman are standing in the distance with two dogs. They have stopped for a conversation and the dogs are interacting with each other. The woman’s larger, golden retriever-ish dog is romping around trying to play with the man’s smaller, beagle-esque dog. The man and woman continue to talk while the dogs continue to “play.” Only the beagle doesn’t want to play, so he tries to get away from the retriever. He loops around his owner and scurries between the man and woman. The retriever follows.

“Come on! Play with me!” the retriever seems to say. “Let me sniff you. Let’s be friends.”

“Enough of your advances,” the beagle responds. “I don’t want to play.”

“But I’m fun! You’ll like me. Just give me a chan–.”

“No! Leave me alone. I’m not interested.”

“Fine. Be that way…. I’ll show you!”

“Oh, really? You’ll show me? How?”

The rejected retriever proceeds to circle around the left side of the man in preparation for his retaliation. He then lifts his rear right leg… and. pees. on. the. man! Leaving a nice trickle of urine on the man’s khaki pants.

This really happened. We were leaving St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome with our tour guide when we saw this man and woman as described. It was easy to spot them since we were headed in their direction. After the incident, we couldn’t help but ask one another if we all saw it. And, yes, of course we all witnessed what happened and were stunned, horrified even. We couldn’t stop talking about it. To top it off, the man didn’t seem to notice that he had just been “marked” by the dog!

Here's the picture I quickly snapped over my shoulder as we continued walking and discussing.

Here's the picture I quickly snapped over my shoulder after we walked past them and we continued discussing.

Doesn’t this kind of make you wonder if the man ever noticed he was peed on? And how long it took him to notice? Or if he just smelled all day long? Or if the woman eventually noticed?


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