“Another One is 515.”

That’s how the conversation started. After complete silence and no context beforehand, the hubby said, “Another one is 515.”

“What?” I said. “515 is another what?”

“Safe house,” he responded.

“Safe house?… What do you mean by that? That sounds weird,” I said.

Hubby said, “Well, if you ever needed a safe place, you could go there to 515. Jarrett and Rowena live there.”

“Are you not telling me something? Should I be worried? Why would I need a safe place? Are you doing something that I should know about??”

“Well, you should really go to Jimmy’s first since it’s closer, but 515 is another safe house option in case you are in a dangerous situation like with robbers or something and you have to run to a safe location. Jarrett and Rowena live there.”

“First of all, it’s Jarrett and his wife is Kim.”


“And if someone were after me, why would I run to a nearby location? I would think that I would run as far away as possible.”

“Yeah, but if you had to call the police, you’d want to do it pretty immediately.”

“No, I think you’re wrong about that. I think I would want to get away from the danger. I’d probably run to the Spidermans’ [name changed to protect the innocent] house. They might have firearms. Haha. I said, ‘Firearms!’ Who says that?!”

“Well, whatever. Just know that 515 is an option now.”

Annnddd. Scene.

Seriously. These are the random conversations that I have with the hubby. It’s almost as random as the discussion about Yao Ming’s height. But now that brings me to a bizarre question. If you have to run, do you run to the closest place or run further away?… Oh, and I feel the need to reiterate that the hubby is not doing anything that would put us in danger. He just likes to say really weird stuff to make me laugh and then, of course, I blog it.


2 Responses to ““Another One is 515.””

  1. kristen Says:

    ok, that actually made me giggle outloud. oooooh to be a fly on the wall at your house!! 🙂

  2. Mrs. Spiderman Says:

    Come on over. We has guns, beer, and an old Ford pickumup truck.

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