FBL: Flash Back Laughter

Do you ever experience Flash Back Laughter? You know, you’re just sitting there and suddenly you remember an incident. Moments later you find yourself chuckling about that incident or even laughing just as much as you did when the incident happened in the first place. That’s Flash Back Laughter. It’s one of my favorite kinds of laughter. While you may appear insane to the outside world, it’s always great to re-count those memorable moments.

While in Europe for the Italian leg of our trip, we tried really hard to remember the day’s events. Typically we would try to make a list at dinner time as we waited for our meal. I had forgotten a good bit of our stories until my friend emailed me some of the highlights. Some of the FBL is from the memory, but some is just because of how she worded it. Here now is a sampling of FBL, the European Edition.

Girl with a “pee pee” balloon on the streets of Rome.
Watched a dog pee on a guy.
Little girl in grocery store yelled, “Hey, Mom, we bought you some tampons!”
Sang Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You in the cab back to the airport.
There was a baby with really dirty feet outside the Duomo.

I suppose at some point elaboration may be necessary for some of these memories. They will be future blog postings for sure.


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