My New Home

I arrived from Italy on May 27th. It was a day earlier than the gals and two days earlier than the students, and I am glad that I arrived when I did.

It gave me time to get used to the idea that I was in Switzerland and that a big mountain was staring me in the face every time I passed by my balcony. (Yes, I have a balcony… a big one in fact that stretches to the bedroom.) It also gave me time to unpack and figure out my new surroundings.

The apartment I’m in is pretty nice. It has a locked main door and I am on the 2nd floor to Americans, which is the 1st floor in Italy. The bottom floor is the “zero” floor. I’m not sure if that is the same in Switzerland, but my guess is it is. But I digress. So the apartment, yes. It’s the furthest away from the school but the closest to the lake.

In the living room, I have a forgettable fireplace. Not that it isn’t cute, but I just keep forgetting it’s there. It’s far too comfortable here to use such a thing this time of year. I also have a charcoal grey IKEA-style couch with bolsters and everything. There’s also a desk/dining table. The TV sits in a corner close to the entrance to my bedroom. For a TV-watcher like me, the positioning is awkward, but my guess is that few guests sit and watch television here. Most of it is in Italian, German, or French, except for CNN International (I think). Regardless, it’s a TV and while I was here alone, I did take time in the mornings to see what was on and enjoyed some familiar American TV shows that were dubbed. Scrubs is still funny in German!

My temporary home has one bedroom with two twin beds. It has a nice-sized bathroom complete with bidet. The kitchen… hmm. I guess the kitchen is small but I would have no idea really since the kitchen is usually the last place I would (read: should) be.

“What’s that last comment about?” you’re probably thinking to yourself. Well, I’m not exactly a super-star in the kitchen. Apparently, my talents don’t suddenly change when I attempt to cook in a foreign country. I still boil over pots when I try to cook pasta. I still burn things when I try to fry them. And I still experiment with spices that I have no idea about. All in all, at least I made something edible: pasta with fried zucchini. (I know! I should open a trattoria!)

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One Response to “My New Home”

  1. nat @ book, line, and sinker Says:

    i’m green with envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! italy! lucky duck. i haven’t been in 10 years (this july) and am dying to go back. must renew my passport pronto!

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