Our Amazing Race

OK, before I post pictures, I have to tell you about present conditions.

There is a big party right outside my balcony, just a few feet from my bedroom. I’m not kidding. Step out, look to the left, and there it is. It’s loud. There’s music, there’s food, there’s drinking, and a bunch of my students are there along with fellow faculty. When I look straight out, as opposed to the left, I can see the men’s WC, and none of the men seem to care about closing the main door. It’s… lovely. Actually, I’m not bothered by any of this. I think it’s kind of neat. I feel like I am living in a big city above a bar, instead on the shore of a lake in a small town.

Anyway, so here I am now in Switzerland. I’ve been in the school all day today. Today was the day that all of our students arrived from everywhere. And by “everywhere” I really mean that. Some of them came from Milan, others from Tuscany, others from the US, and another from Ireland. Regardless of where they have traveled from, they all come with stories of mishaps along the way. Oh, life of the traveler!

As the first group arrived, I felt like I was hosting the Amazing Race. The first group, the winners, arrived well before anyone else. They were amazed at how no one else from the program had arrived yet. They were then able to take on the next leg of the race, which was either exploring the town via bicycle, changing their money, or getting gelato! Truly for this group, their reward was being able to rest.

The rest of the teams eventually trickled in, with the last seven students arriving after we had already started dinner.

And so, the journey begins and ends all at the same time.


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