My Step Brother, aka My Cousin, Lives in Port Charles.

This is in response to CWG’s Monday Theme Post.

When I was a kid, I watched Soap Operas, though it is rare that I watch them now. My watch-it-any-time-and-it-still-makes-sense-in-a-ridiculous-kind-of-way soap is General Hospital. It’s at 3:00 on ABC.

In my younger years, after we finished school my sister and I would end up at the neighbor’s house until Mom got off from work and could pick us up. I remember that General Hospital was usually on the TV at some point. And this is how the two of us learned about life.

Life is dramatic. Life is romantic. Life is full of ups and downs. People live in places called “brown stones” and everyone enjoys a good get-together at a places called Kelly’s where an older, wiser woman behind the counter could always make you feel better, knock some sense into you, or let you rent the room above the dining area if you needed it. There were people with last names like Scorpio and Quartermaine, but there was also a Jones in the mix. Port Charles was a thriving metropolis of mysteries, crazies, drug lords, and millionaires.

After a few years, I grew into watching more soap operas, mostly the ones on ABC. Getting out of school earlier meant being able to watch One Life to Live. In the land of Llanview, there were schizophrenics named Nikki/Vicki, a patriarch named Asa, and a hot guy named Max who was coupled with an equally hot Gabrielle…. Once I got to college, I kept up with Days of our Lives…. Now? I don’t have time to keep up, nor do I care to.

The former Billy Douglas. (from

The former Billy Douglas. (from

The thing that I remember the most about Soaps in general is how they were the training ground for actors. For example, did you know that Ryan Philippe played gay teen Billy Douglas on One Life to Live? Yup. I followed the storyline one summer. In fact, I even wrote him a lovely fan letter commending him for his brave performance. In return, I received an autographed photo. Beat that, Twitter!

And then there’s the very easy on the eyes, Jensen Ackles. Rrrrrrrow. That kid’s pretty. He played Sammi’s twin brother on Days.

Who can forget Jack Wagner from GH. Frisco Jones? Rick Springfield = Dr. Noah Drake. John Stamos = Blackie Parrish. Meg Ryan was on As the World Turns. David Hasselhoff was on something, too. Man, the list goes on and on.


4 Responses to “My Step Brother, aka My Cousin, Lives in Port Charles.”

  1. nat @ book, line, and sinker Says:

    yay! thanks so much for posting according to the theme. i may just turn it into a monthly feature–as long as i get topic suggestions from you guys. 🙂

    i remember general hospital…but we were NBC people at my house. i did grow up in the thick of the john stamos era!

  2. connie Says:

    Stumbled over from CWG’s blog to read the other soap opera posts! I had a massive crush on all of those fellas!

  3. connie Says:

    P.S. I popped around your blog a bit and enjoy your writing!

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