Dog Day Friday

I learned a lesson today. It was something I already knew not to do but did it anyway.

The story goes something like this…. The hubby and I decided that we would donate some supplies to the Humane Society shelter last week so today I went to the store to pick up a bunch of stuff. It was so much fun! I bought about 120 pounds of dog food, a few bags of cat food, kitty litter, bleach, and paper towels—all items mentioned in their newsletter. And I found some toys that were less than $1 each, so I bought one of kind. You should have seen my cart when I was done. It was packed and I could barely push it around the store. It was awesome!

Since it was on the way to the shelter, I stopped by the house first to pick up the camera. I wanted the hubby to see all the stuff I bought and who it was going to benefit.

Junk in the trunk. It didn't all fit in the trunk of my car.

Junk in the trunk. It didn't all fit in the trunk of my car.

And off I went to the Humane Society shelter. I let the folks working there know that I had some things I wanted to donate and hoped that someone could help me get it out of my car. It made me so happy to see how happy they were to receive the donation. The funniest reaction was when I said I bought bleach. They were super-happy about that.

After we unloaded my car, I asked if I could see the dogs so that I could take pictures to show the hubby who we were helping. They were fine with that and I went to the room with the small dogs and puppies. I pet 3 of them, talked to them, and told them I wished I could take them all home with me. This was all in a span of less than 5 minutes.


This dog is named Harold. He was the first dog I visited.

This dog is named Lady. I wanted to steal her away.

This dog is named Lady. I wanted to steal her away.

One dog, Lady, was beautiful. She had a really nice reddish coat and was described as part hound. She just kept looking at me and never made a sound. She was really gentle and sweet when I tried to pet her. Most of the other dogs were barking, but she wasn’t. Lady put me over the top and I started bawling. I knew this was going to happen but I did it anyway. It was awful. I could barely last more than 5 minutes in there and I had to leave. I felt so bad because the second I went for the door, she started barking at me. It was heartbreaking and I practically ran out of the place.

So my lesson? Donate, donate, donate but don’t visit the animals. It’s way too upsetting.

By the way, a 40-pound bag of dog food is about $20. And a bag of kitty litter is less than $5. I encourage you to help out if you can. You’ll feel great about it afterwards, unless you are like me and visit the dogs before you leave. Then it’s a bit more bittersweet.


3 Responses to “Dog Day Friday”

  1. nat @ book, line, and sinker Says:

    you are sooooooo generous! i love that you helped the animals so directly. and i’m stealing harold. i can’t stand the spotted ear. i hate when they have dogs or cats in the petco/petsmart places. i want to gather them all up and spirit them home with me. good job to you!

    that girl: “You can be generous, too. 🙂 I bought Pedigree. They do everything ‘for the love of dogs.'”

  2. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    I think we need to chip in and get a farm.
    not one of “those” farms (you know, where the old doggies go) but a puppy farm where puppies of all ages can run around and be ADORABLE.

    I admire your five minutes, your strength is much more than mine 🙂

    that girl: “Five minutes may have been a stretch. It was probably closer to 2 minutes. I told the hubby that we need to move soon so that we can have a big yard for doggies to run around.”

  3. Annie Says:

    You are so awesome to do that. I have a big stack of old towels and blankets that I need to get over to the Humane Society to donate. For some reason, I never thought of bringing food and such.

    I’m going to have to make my boy go though. If I go, I’ll bring all the dogs home. I’m not even kidding. Just looking at the pictures you put up is making my heart ache.

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