There’s Always a Punchline

I am lucky. I have a good group of friends… and they are funny people. I love hanging out with people who can make me laugh.

A few of us are in the midst of planning a pre-study abroad trip to Europe this summer. One decision we are trying to figure out is transportation within Italy, our primary destination. We have considered taking planes, trains, and automobiles. It seems that we are leaning towards renting a car. Yes, we have heard it is tough to drive in Italy, but we have a pretty good plan in place and two of our friends are used to driving in places like Los Angeles.

Anyway, today’s communication happened via email after receiving info from a local travel agent, suggesting we rent a Mercedes Class A. Here is the email exchange:

S: I don’t know that J and I are responsible enough to drive a Mercedes. If that is the non luxury car they give out I am now interested at what “rich people” drive over there. 🙂

Hubby: mercedes over there are like Hondas to us. everyone has one.

J: none of us have hondas.

Yours Truly: They sometimes drive them on the Amazing Race. I love TV!!!

S: So will this be a practice for our Amazing Race applications….???

Yours Truly: Yes, this is all a ploy and my plan is finally coming together. :D…  I’m blogging this… Ummm. Anyway… I don’t have a problem with the Mercedes thing. I drove my sister’s BMW SUV and it wasn’t scary, but then again, there were also animal cracker crumbs and Cheerios all over the place, but I digress. Plus, won’t we have some kind if insurance?

Annnddd… SCENE.

I’m amused but perhaps this is only funny to us.

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