How Quizzical

I’m quite confused and surprised by something that (didn’t) happen in class today.

Today was a quiz day and one student was absent! The very idea of this blew my mind. Who skips class when there is a quiz? This was not even a pop quiz. This has been on the schedule since day 1. There were no messages in my email either. Did I forget that this was going to happen? (Actually, I originally thought 2 students missed the quiz then remembered that one of them talked to me beforehand.)

Have you ever skipped class and missed a quiz? It seems like a very poor choice… or very absent-minded.

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One Response to “How Quizzical”

  1. natalie Says:

    ha! i planned my sick days the minute teachers assigned projects, tests, or quizzes–just to give everyone a headache. i suppose this is why i work in a high school today. i believe they call it karma.

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