Toilet (Paper) Humor

We are funny, the hubby and I. Really. We are funny people. We love to laugh and make other people laugh. And our life is that of a sitcom. It’s amusing, not too serious, and full of funny moments. Here now I provide you with another glimpse into our life.

Rewind to Wednesday of this week. I came home from the pool. The hubby was not home, but this was waiting for me in one of the bathrooms:

This is classic!

This is classic!

Oh man! Game on! It was ridiculous. A pyramid of toilet paper on the toilet! How funny! Note the signature at the end. The TP was both from the hubby and the dog! Oh so carefully crafted. How will I top this?

You see, friends, I’m not one to leave things alone. I must retaliate in a greater, more over-the-top way. I will not be bested. So, this was the result in the other bathroom:

The TP Tower

The TP Tower

Awesome, right?! Note the fixture at the top of the tower. Here’s a closeup:

The multi-faceted TP topper complete with airfreshener and sassy comment.

The multi-faceted TP topper complete with air freshener and sassy comment.

I don’t know if you can see it or not, but the text under the little figure reads, “You smell gooood!” And his speech bubble says, “Heard you had chili for lunch…” Score! I win! I am the supreme merry prankster. 😀

Are we weird?!

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3 Responses to “Toilet (Paper) Humor”

  1. smellanizer Says:

    That is really funny! I feel like I’d totally do something like that.

  2. natalie Says:

    that’s hysterical!!!!! you guys seem so fun!!! it’s the toilet paper standoff. we had something similar back in the spring of ’08…it was a toothpaste battle o’ wills. neither of us would go to the basement to get a new tube, we just squeeeezed the hell out of an old tube for a week. i broke down and got my travel toothpaste from the guest room closet. it was hillllarious.

  3. Annie Says:

    You’re not weird. You just gave me a good idea. And for that, you are awesome. 🙂

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