Side Effect

I think I’ve stumbled upon an unexpected and very unwelcome side effect of my job… being sick. Before I started this job, it was pretty rare that I would get sick. In fact, I’d say that I probably got sick once a year with a minor cold, if that. But I’ve noticed the last few years that I’m more prone to getting sick. I’ve had sinus infections, colds, and fevers more than I’ve ever had in my lifetime!

Now here I am, sick again! I was a little achy and had a mild fever yesterday evening, along with a little bit of congestion. The hubby and I still went to our Valentine’s Day dinner, but I could barely keep my eyes open after taking some medicine for the congestion hours earlier.

This morning, I’m not feeling achy but I’m definitely not 100%. Lovely. Warning: I have cooties. Stay away. 😦

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One Response to “Side Effect”

  1. Annie Says:

    It’s those students. They come to class sick as dogs because they have to save their absences for when they all cut around spring break.

    I instituted a “If you come to class and get me sick, you fail” policy. 🙂

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