from abcnews.go.com/whatwouldyoudo

from abcnews.go.com/whatwouldyoudo

There’s a show on ABC called What Would You Do? It’s a cross between Punk’d and 20/20, if that’s possible. Reporter John Quiñones tests the willingness of the everyday American to get involved in a none-of-your-business type of situation, though they are unaware that the situation involves actors and hidden cameras. To lend credibility to these social experiments, inter-spliced between the situations are interviews with a variety of experts in human behavior. Before any of the social experiments get out of hand, Quiñones steps in with a camera crew to announce the fakery that has transpired.

During last night’s show a trained dog, accompanied by a trainer and an air conditioning unit, both hidden from view in the car, appeared to be locked in a car on a warm day. I wasn’t sure how this one would pan out. I didn’t know if people would help. I was relieved to see that a great majority of them did attempt to get involved and assist the dog in some way.

That brings me now to a real life situation. In the nearby neighborhood, the hubby and I have always noticed a golden retriever sitting outside of his owners’ home. Sometimes he’s on the porch. Sometimes he’s in the driveway. Sometimes he’s in the yard. And the garage was always shut. In the warmer months it didn’t seem like that big a deal that the dog was outside at all hours of the day, but we were always concerned about the dog. Every single time we drove by, whether it was noon or 11pm, we checked to see if he was out there. And he always was. Perhaps he enjoyed it, but it was heartbreaking to see.

Recently, it has gotten cold. Really cold. So cold in fact that we were stunned to see that the dog was still left outside AND there was another dog out there, too! These are the types of days that the weather forecasters tell you to take care of children, the elderly, and pets, dontcha know. So the man who never wants to get involved got involved. That’s right. The hubby stepped up and called the proper authorities to ask them to check on the welfare of the dogs. Afterall, these are innocent animals that might need someone to speak on their behalf and we don’t want them to freeze to death!

John Quiñones would be proud.


3 Responses to “WWYD?”

  1. Annie Says:

    I have done exactly the same thing in our neighborhood. I can’t stand people that leave there dogs outside all the time. Why even have a dog?

    I’m going to have to watch this show now. My interest in human behavior is too strong.

  2. curlywurlygurly Says:

    that is so horrible!!!!!!!! i feel so bad for animals who are neglected, chained outdoors in the heat and cold, and/or abused. why get a pet if you’re not going to take care of it? good job to your husband!! many people would rather not get involved, thinking “oh, someone else will do something.” if everyone thinks like that, no one will do anything.

  3. megan Says:

    Good for you! Regardless of John Quiñones, I’m proud of you.

    I read a report about an experiment that was done a year or so ago, similar to the concept of this show. Researchers had a small child sit alone on a bench outside a grocery story – she was watched all the time by the researchers, so no harm could come to her – and see what people would do. Most people just walked by, not even speaking to the child who was obviously on her own. The researchers would then get responses from the people who walked by. Most of them said they were afraid to even speak to her, because of the possible repercussions – you know, a stranger approaching a child while the mother’s not looking, that sort of thing. It’s sad what our society has come to.

    Anyway, that was a short novel, but I just wanted to say that sounds like a neat show. I’d probably watch it if I had TV.

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