I Goofed

Darn. The question of “Where were you when…?” does not have a good answer for me or my kids. Today was the first day of class and I forgot about prepping a video source to watch Barack Obama’s Inauguration. I was so consumed with getting everything done that needed to get done today, that I didn’t stop a little before noon to get the Inter-webs up so that my kids and I could watch together and witness history. I didn’t remember until they left at 12:15 and I wished them a Happy Inauguration Day. *sigh*

Then again, maybe they are of the mindset that they can watch it online later. I hope so.


One Response to “I Goofed”

  1. Annie Says:

    Um. My classroom doesn’t have a working television or internet.

    I gave the kids the day ‘off’. Told them watching was mandatory though, even if they taped it, because there would be an assignment forthcoming.

    No TV or internet. And my classroom is right next to the campus television station.

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