New Year, New Look

WAIT! Don’t click back. You’ve come to the right place.

What can I say, I got bored. Whenever I get bored, I change things up. The result is the new look of the blog, which I suppose is better than cutting my hair or painting the house. Hopefully you find it pleasing to the eye. The color scheme is much more me than the blue I had before but I wish I could customize the layout a little more. Oh well. This is what we have for now.

Oh yes, I’ve also added a new link to my blog roll. It’s to a friend’s blog called 31 Dates in 31 Days. She has just started chronicling her new project of going on 31 dates in 31 days for $31. Check it out. She has a great spirit and you’ll enjoy her writing.


3 Responses to “New Year, New Look”

  1. megan Says:

    I like the new look. I did the same thing over at my place, too. I felt so fat and disgusting after eating nothing but junk over the holidays that I needed a release from the clutter, hence the new minimalist look.

  2. Annie Says:

    I like it!

    I change my blog look about 4-5 times a year. I can’t help it.

  3. curlywurlygurly Says:

    wow…it looks different…but i dig. 🙂 i’m a creature of habit when it comes to my blog and won’t switch it up. i’ll live vicariously through you.

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