Economic Booster Club

I went shopping the other day for shoes. I bought 2 pairs. What great sales! Go to Shoe Carnival, if you’re looking for some new kicks. I left the store with 2 nice pairs of shoes, not on the clearance rack, not some off-brand, and not “maybe-these-won’t-hurt-after-I-break-them-in.” One pair was black suede and the other was dark brown leather. I paid about $35 TOTAL.

Today I went to Ann Taylor Loft for a wardrobe revival. I found a black, light-weight, satin-collared coat made from what looked like uncut corduroy. I kept thinking that something had to be wrong with it, but as far as I can tell, nothing is. It isn’t missing buttons. It doesn’t have stains. I also found grey slacks and a cute pink shirt.

Here’s what I spent:

Coat – $129.00 marked down to $14.88 minus 25%
Pants – $79.00 marked down to $9.88 minus 25%
Shirt – $14.99 minus 25% off!
Total – $31.30!

Though marginally, I have helped the economy. Aren’t you proud of me? If there were more things I liked, I would have helped even more (and at full price if necessary)…. Go shopping, people, and join the Economic Booster Club! Let’s hit the mall this weekend. 🙂


2 Responses to “Economic Booster Club”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    wow…those are some really great buys!!! but you’re not helping me–i’m trying to SAVE money, not spend it. hmm…a new pair of shoes does sound tempting, though.

  2. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    Holy crap and I thought I was a good shopper… You’ve got me.

    Funny, I was thinking of going out shopping this weekend…. good to know the sales are still stupendous.

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