This is it. I think this will be the last health update for a while because I think I have been prescribed enough meds over the last month to get me well. Oh, by the way, I feel the need to mention to those of you who do not know me in person that this is no where near the norm for me. Going to the doctor for cameras falling on me, fevers, congestion, and dizziness are bizarre in my world.

Anyway. I feel like I live at the clinic and that I’m about to increase the insurance rates for everyone because today I made a wonderful return to the after hours services to get this dizziness taken care of. Next week classes start up and quite frankly, the last first impression I want for the kids is that their teacher is a wobbly drunk when in reality I never drink and I’m just having a bout with… are you ready for this?…

Labyrinthitis. Read is slowly and you’ll figure out how to pronounce it.

I am showing mild symptoms of this lovely disorder. Doesn’t it sound all mysterious and whatnot? (I feel like some elves or mystics should be dancing around in their Snuggies right now.) If you Google it you’ll see that it’s a balance disorder. And I’m talking, physical balance, not mental. It appears to be an aftereffect (?) of being sick. I’m hoping it’s a temporary thing that will disappear after I take the little pills I’ve been prescribed. The doc seemed to think so and I’m going with his professional opinion.

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3 Responses to “Labyrin-what-tis?”

  1. kristen Says:

    does it make you feel like you’re on the never-ending tilt-a-whirl ride??

    i hope you (and hubby!!) feel better soon!!!

  2. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    does it come with David Bowie?
    Sign me up.

  3. megan Says:

    It sounds like the condition of being lost in a Labyrinth. I agree with Stephanie – if David Bowie is included in the symptoms, I’d gladly try it out. Perhaps singing and dancing to “Underground” or “Chilly Down” might help.

    Seriously, though, feel better!

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