Wanna Snuggie with Me?

OK. OK. What’s the deal with this Snuggie thing? It is described as a blanket with sleeves.

In our house, we have a blanket rack in the living room that has a variety of throws on it. Because the room is a little drafty, I usually have a blanket with me on the couch to cover my legs. I don’t have trouble with it. I don’t struggle with trying to answer the phone. I can still use my laptop. When I’m out at football games, I don’t have a blanket. I dress in layers, including a newly acquired pair of ski bibs if it’s cold enough.

Recently on Facebook one of my “friends” touted the fact that s/he had ordered a pair of them. And today another person mentioned the Snuggie. I’m trying to figure out if people actually like these things are or if they making fun of them. For some reason the people in the commercials remind me of certain characters from Star Wars.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A: The Snuggie

Princess Leia

Exhibit B: Princess Leia

3 Responses to “Wanna Snuggie with Me?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    It is a robe you wear backwards.

    No, I do not want to snuggle with you.

  2. Dana Brown Says:

    I think that commercial is hilarious! When they’re by the fire pit, I think the family looks like a bunch of monks. Over Christmas, Michael and I were on the couch and we had the blanket draped all over us. He wanted his drink but didn’t want to lose his balance getting it (long story, he’s paralyzed) and he joked “if I had a snuggie, I could get it myself,” hahaha. I told him, NO WAY you’re getting a snuggie, that’s the laziest thing in the world! I told him I’d rather just reach his drink myself!

  3. Annie Says:

    One of my friends said that the snuggie looks like a pagan robe, and when the family is all around the campfire, the look like a pagan clan about to sacrifice something.

    Yes. The snuggie is your bathrobe, turned around backwards. Genius!

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