Sweatpants Thanksgiving: the Pie

For our newly adopted “Sweatpants Thanksgiving,” the hubby requested a pie for dessert with two stipulations: buy a pie that we will both want to eat and it needs to be Mrs. Smith’s. That being said, we are limited. The only Thanksgiving-ish pie I am willing to eat is a pecan pie. I don’t like pumpkin or sweet potato or apple enough to buy a whole pie. Really, I’m not into many kinds of pies. Actually, I’m not into warm fruit. Bleck. Fruit should be cold, not warm.

Anyway. The pursuit of said pie began eons ago. OK, not really, but it feels like it. I failed at this mission last year, too. So this year, I suggested making a pecan pie but the hubby is wise and said that it wasn’t a good idea. Apparently he took Home Ec in high school and attempted to make this pie. (Who am I married to?!) And it was difficult.

Woe is me (sic). I have looked in multiple grocery stores and cannot find the dang pie. I thus far failed at my food mission. Tomorrow I’m going to have to go to Cracker Barrel to see if the chocolate pecan pies are still there. The hubby has just acknowledged his enjoyment of those pies also.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving pie or dessert?

2 Responses to “Sweatpants Thanksgiving: the Pie”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    i’m in charge of the pies this year. at our house we eat “chocolate pudding pie”, chocolate jell-o put into a graham cracker crust. a bit ghetto, but good. add reddi-whip and you’re good to go. 🙂

    happy thanksgiving!!!

  2. that girl Says:

    How coincidental! I just made miniature chocolate pudding pies for us about 2 weeks ago. My pie-making competence is pretty low.

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