You, Sir, are an Imposter!

This morning I was listening to the radio on the drive in to work and they were talking about “household business,” meaning, who takes care of paying the bills and management of the finances, insurance, and whatnot.

I am happy to report that I do not take part in this activity. I don’t like writing checks. I don’t like paying bills. I hate sealing envelopes. The hubby does it all and he likes it, too.

On the radio, one of the men talked about how his wife was trying to get information on one of his insurance claims or something. Apparently in order to take care of this kind of business someone else cannot call in your place. It has to be you on the other line. So his wife, being oh-so-clever, decided to disguise her voice. They asked her all the security questions and she answered them. At the end, she was asked her name and she provided his. The person on the other end said, “It says here _____ is a man.” Then she froze and hung up.

This reminded me of something my hubby does. He acts as me on the phone also when he calls people to take care of household business. They ask him all the security questions and what not. And they never question who he is. I guess it helps a lot that my name is so foreign to people that the do not know if I am male or female.

I, too, will become an actress when people call the house looking for me. I almost always answer the phone in such a way that I’m perceived as being some kid. So when they ask for me, I just say, “She’s not here,” and I hang up the phone, amused. I’m not lying, mind you. Many times they mispronounce my name and, well, I don’t answer to the wrong name. 😛


One Response to “You, Sir, are an Imposter!”

  1. kristen Says:

    Can you send “the hubby” to my house and have him show *my* hubby that men are quite capable of paying bills?? I can barely do basic math yet I’m in charge of the household finances! Of course, if he were to play a part in the bill-paying-chore, I probably couldn’t get away with spending obscene amounts of money on useless crap at Target!

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