Reason #51309

David Cook's Take the 'Light On' ChallengeDavid Cook, this is yet another reason why you are awesome.

I don’t know if Cookie comes up with this stuff himself, but his accessibility and openness to fans makes my heart happy. In this fan challenge, David Cook wants the Word Nerds of the world to do their own rendition of his new single Light On.

If you click the image, you can follow a link to the full story and a video where Cookie demonstrates how to play the song on the guitar.

Last Christmas, hubby submitted to my wishes and got me an acoustic Fender so I could teach myself to play. All that I have in my repertoire at the moment is On Top of Old Smokey and that is a bit of a stretch for me. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a DC song under my belt? Oh, dare to dream. Hmm. Maybe I should just stick to the drums.

Just 10 more days before the album is released. 😀

WN 2808

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