History was Made!

You’re probably thinking that I’m talking about the election. Nope. I, my friends, made history this week.

First, on Monday I forgot to attend a meeting that I asked to have arranged. In my lifetime, I’ve only forgotten to attend a meeting once. I was mortified that I forgot about this meeting, especially when I was called at home asking if I had forgotten.

On Tuesday, I locked myself out of my office…TWICE! I’ve locked myself out before just because I keep my car and office keys separate. But twice? That’s never happened before. The first time wasn’t a big deal because all of the staff was in the building and I could borrow a master key. The second time was terrible. I didn’t realize that I was locked out until I got home and needed to do some work. How does that make sense, you ask?  My office keys are attached to a lanyard with the two jump drives I use for work on a daily basis, work that I take home with me sometimes, work that I needed to do last night but couldn’t.

It’s only Wednesday….

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