Picture Day

Recently I was in need of renewing two semi-permanent documents that were going up for expiration-my passport and my driver’s license. Both turned out to be a long process, not because of filling out paperwork to renew or lines at the DMV. Nope.

It was because I didn’t know what to wear!

The practical side of me decided to take care of getting the passport picture and driver’s license renewal on the same day. As I got ready, I scanned the closet for something to wear, changed into whatever I found, looked at myself in the mirror, and headed back to the closet to find something else. This happened about five times until the hubby decided to speak up. The conversation went a little something like this:

the hubby: What are you doing? We need to go.

that girl: I’m changing. I’ll be done soon…. Isn’t that weird that I’m going to look the same in both photos?

the hubby: Didn’t you just change?

that girl: Yes, I know. I know! I’ve changed a bunch of times… But I have to find something decent. It’s a passport picture. It will be in that little book for 10 years! Can you believe I still wear that dang jacket that’s in the picture from last time?!… And it’s also my driver’s license. Who knows how long that will stick around?

the hubby: Right…. OK…. Well, find something that will be fashionable 10 years from now and let’s go.

Oh the comedy. 😀 That hubby. He’s a funny guy.

You see, I have a history of taking not-so-great, identification photos. Yearbook? ugh. Big bangs were terrible. Student ID for college? I swear those “photographers” intentionally make you look bad. My face took up the whole thing, no neck, very little hair. Current Faculty ID? They stretch out all of the photos. My face is elongated. Aquatic Center ID? It was 9am and I was going to the pool. How do you think I looked? Old passport? Washed out. Old driver’s license? Too much headroom. I look like I’m 4 feet tall…. Myrtle Beach Grand Prix? perfect!

Thankfully, this time around, I was really lucky. The passport photo people allowed me to look at the picture before printing it out and since he was a “real” photographer, he knew how to take and crop a photo. (Incidentally, did you know if you are getting a US passport picture taken, you need to make sure you hair doesn’t cover your ears? I had to tuck mine behind my ears.) And because I didn’t end up having enough time to do both pictures in the same day, I took the driver’s license photo today. It was a pretty good picture of me. I was so happy with it that I took a picture of it with my cell phone and sent it to hubby.

He has yet to reply. He is probably jealous or is staring at in admiration… or thinks I’m crazy.


2 Responses to “Picture Day”

  1. goodbadandugly2 Says:

    Or maybe he is now trying to find something to wear for his new passport picture, because clearly he cannot let yours be better than his…..

  2. kristen Says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who was stressing about a passport picture! Mine could easily be used for a mugshot. My license isn’t nearly as bad, though my head is way crooked.

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