What a Croc!

My pursuit of a comfy, non-grandmotherish shoe continued yesterday at Super Shoes. While the other items at this place are not my thing—scrubs, boots, and outdoorsy wear—I do like to make it a stop on a shoe hunt. I’ve found some winners there over the years. Also, did you know that you can save your receipts and get a hefty discount with them? I’ve been saving for a while now and yesterday was my big day to cash in! I decided get a “free” pair… of… Crocs.

Crocs Malindi... an alternative to clown Crocs (from zappos.com)

Crocs Malindi... an alternative to clown Crocs (from zappos.com)

If you read my comment from that previous blog post, you know that I’m not the most avid of Croc fans and I question their contribution to fashionable footwear. Regardless, I felt OK getting these things since I wasn’t really paying for them. On top of that, I didn’t go with a traditional Croc. Instead, I bought the ones you see here.

Yeah, way cuter than the original Croc and they provide a good bit of comfort. And I can actually walk in them, unlike clown Crocs.

After I got them home, I tried them on with a pair of dress pants just to see what they would look like. As afraid as I am to admit it, they might be passable for work as long as my pants are long enough.

) (from shoesonashoestring.com)

Yup, I would wear these to work. (from shoesonashoe string.com)

So now I’m going to take a chance on a pair of YOU by Crocs that I found on Piperlime.com. Since the return shipping is free, I figure it worth a shot. I think these shoes are pretty sassy and I’ve been eyeing them for a while but in the past, the price was not in my range. Now they are. Go me!

As a good will gesture, I’m going to clean out the closet and donate a bunch of shoes. (Hopefully the hubby read that.)

I learned about this site while at the shoe store yesterday: http://www.soles4souls.org


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