Penny for Your Thoughts

OK. I don’t understand. I just read that the U.S. Mint is redesigning the penny. That seems a little lame to me. Yay, celebrate Lincoln. Fine…. But why is this redesign necessary? Shouldn’t we be worried about other things? Am I turning into the ornery old woman on the corner? (Get out of my yard!)

According to a CBS News report, a penny takes 2 cents to make. It costs more to make a penny than it’s actually worth. I didn’t do well in my Econ classes in college, but that seems like a bad thing to me. Dare I say it seems cents-less? (Ouch, bad pun.)

I feel like I need to be educated on why this is a good idea. I’m not convinced.


2 Responses to “Penny for Your Thoughts”

  1. Annie Says:

    I don’t get any of the money redesigns, quite honestly. Is there nothing better that these people could be doing??

    Sometimes I’m totally the ornery old woman on the corner.

  2. curlywurlygurly Says:

    *sheeplishly* i throw pennies on the ground because i hate them. they take up too much room in my wallet and then they multiply. they smell yucky and i just hate them.

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