What the French, Toast?

I have a new item to add to my list of semi-successful food things. I was just going to make scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast but then this bright idea hit me…. Oooh, French Toast! While this may seem easy for most people, everything in the kitchen is a challenge for me. I started by looking for a recipe. Yes, I know you need bread and eggs, but that was the extent of my knowledge.

I was stunned to discover that my Betty Crocker cookbook, given to me by my mother-in-law, did not have a recipe… or I just couldn’t find it… or so many people know how to do this that adding a recipe would be insulting to people who cook. 🙂  I looked up bread, toast, french toast, cinnamon, and breakfast in the index with no luck. So I headed to the trusty computer and searched for a recipe. I tell you what, the web rarely lets me down. I found this recipe that required what I thought I had in the house—a rarity!

Ok, ok, so it turns out that I didn’t have normal milk! I had nutmeg?! But no milk? How could that be? Being the bad daring cook that I am, I decided to risk it and use Soy Milk. Turns out, this was just dandy to use. Being the experimental creative cook that I am, I also decided to slice the bread into strips so that I could have “sticks” instead of full pieces of bread.

The hubby, being a cautious about my disasters creativity in the kitchen, declined my offer to make him some sticks, too, despite how lovely the first few looked. He said that he would prefer to have some after the kinks are worked out. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that offended. haha. And that turned out to be a good decision on his part. As I was dunking the last few strips into the egg, I noticed that one of them had a blueish spot on it. Ugh. It was moldy. Greaaaat. There wouldn’t have been enough for hubby anyway.

The verdict? Success. Sort of. The pre-mold-discovery pieces of bread tasted fine. Nothing burned. And I’m still alive to write about it. To me, that’s always a good thing.


One Response to “What the French, Toast?”

  1. jonsquared Says:

    I love me some french toast every once in a while, and this post inspired me to make some. Thanks!

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