Poolin’ Around

This evening was momentous. I went to a water aerobics class with some friends… and I did not drown! Yay, me. This was a deep water class and as some of you know, I just learned–sort of–to swim in July. It was actually a lot of fun because my friends and I are just a bunch of clowns and make each other laugh for no reason.  And one of the women in the class commented on how I was giggling a lot, which made her smile.

Since we were in the 12-foot section, we used flotation devices to keep from floundering. Some of us (who? me?) used multiple devices, including a belt and a noodle. My noodle and I got to know each other pretty well. We’re well past the “just good friends” stage. I even decided to name it Luigi.

The quote of the day? From my friend, “I’ve never sweat in a pool before.”


2 Responses to “Poolin’ Around”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    lol@ your friends quote.

    i love the noodles!!! at my parents’ house in florida, my mom and i have noodle olympics in the pool. (sitting on them like a swing and scissoring our legs to get us to move, sitting on them like horses, standing on them with one leg, wrapping them around us like donuts, etc.) so much fun!!!!

  2. that girl Says:

    The noodles are fun and during the class I went to on Saturday morning, our instructor called them our “ponies.” It was cute. 🙂 She split the class up into two groups and we raced each other across the pool. What a workout!

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