Fast Food Follies

I had a meeting this morning, which ran over into the afternoon. As a result, I had to run over to Burger King quickly to grab something to eat.

I stood there trying to figure out what to get and decided that I would order a Kids Meal. Quite frankly, those full-sized adult meals are just too much freakin’ food. The drinks are too sugary, so I have to add water to mine. And I will do just fine with a regular hamburger. No, I don’t want it super sized, thanks.

I’ve ordered Kids Meals plenty of times in the past, but that’s usually hassle-free in the drive-thru. This time, I had to order it in person. As I did, the guy tried to inform me that they had the sandwich I wanted in a combo. And I informed him that I didn’t want such a big meal. He then tries to convince me that a medium fry is not that big and holds up the container. Really, I’m fine. I know the Kids Meal is probably not typical, but that’s what I want. “Yeah,” he says, “it’s a little weird.” Then I say, “I’m not the only one I know who does this. I don’t want it for the toy. I want it for the portions. Those other meals are just way too much food for me.”

Finally, he gives in and I order my meal. It takes foreverrrrrr. Everyone who ordered their meal after me was gone and I was the last one standing there. I’m going to the sub place next time.

2 Responses to “Fast Food Follies”

  1. Jenn Patel Says:

    That’s ridiculous! I do that a lot (and should do it more often), and I know Laura Jane always orders the kid’s meal. Seriously, the portion is perfect! When I get a regular combo, I almost have to take half home!

  2. Annie Says:

    That kind of stuff really ticks me off. Why it’s that dude’s business what I eat, I have no idea. So what if he thinks it’s weird? He shouldn’t be telling you that.

    They do this in the movie theater with popcorn. “Are you sure you don’t want a medium for $.50 more?” Um yeah. If I wanted it, I would have ordered it. An when I say I’m sure, they push it even more.


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