Eating Out

This post is inspired by CWG’s latest discussion about eating out.

The hubby and I eat out quite a bit. We meet up almost every day for lunch. While we are not strapped for fundage (we are D.I.N.K.s*), we know of ways to keep the costs reasonable and getting the most bang for our buck. So here now are our tips and tricks for eating out without shelling out a fortune.

  • Order water. Novel concept, I know. By not ordering a soda, tea, or whatever, you can save $2-$4 per meal.
  • Split the combo meal. Every once in a while, we’ll eat fast food garbage. The hubby usually gets a normal-sized combo and then I just order a sandwich and–get this–water! We end up splitting the side item. I can rarely finish a thing of fries, so it’s a waste to order more of them. Plus, they are terrible for you.
  • Eat earlier. Yeah, so what if you feel like you’re 80-years-young. At some places if you eat before 6pm, prices are lower.
  • Doing lunch. Some places will allow you to order from the lunch menu even when it’s dinner time. The price is lower, and the portions are a little smaller but I bet you won’t even notice.
  • Order a pizza. When we go to this local Italian restaurant, we like to get an extra large cheese pizza. Of course we can’t finish an XL, but we do this so that we can eat it for another meal later on. If you order from a local place, it’s more likely that it will taste better and be a better deal. Ours is $12.00, I think.
  • Go to Wendy’s. We like to go to Wendy’s because we can both eat for $5 and the food is better than other fast food places. We usually get some kind of combination of the following: baked potato, chili, Caesar salad, small fries, Jr. bacon cheeseburger.
  • Did someone say “free”? OK, not really free, but how great are those places that give you bread before your meal or a salad with you entree? Granted the salad is probably not “free” but if you eat the salad, you may end up with stuff to take home. Same goes for soup.

Happy dining!

*Dual Income, No Kids


One Response to “Eating Out”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    you’re right about ordering water…but it’s SO meh. i’m a soda junkie…our favorite place is this ‘olde tyme’ pharmacy where they make REAL flavored sodas–i get cherry coke & huzz gets vanilla coke. yummmm.

    and we’re guilty of early-bird specials too…it’s a bit granny-ish…but worth it! 🙂

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